Bubs Australia

Bubs Australia was founded by a mum-of-three wanting the best for her bubs.

In 2006, there was a gap for premium organic baby food. Our Founder Kristy Carr decided to do something about it, and started Bubs from her very own kitchen on Sydney’s northern beaches, launching Australia’s first range of organic pouch baby food sold in Australian supermarkets. We’ve since grown our passionate team of foodies, become a publicly listed company on the ASX: BUB, and are now Australia’s largest producer of goat milk products. Now at Bubs, we offer a comprehensive range of premium infant nutrition products for baby’s first 1000 days. This includes Australian goat milk infant formula, Australia’s first organic grass-fed formula, organic baby pouches, cereals, rusk and the newly launched organic toddler snacks.

Bubs®于2006年由三个孩子的妈妈Kristy Carr创立。当时市面上缺乏高端、营养的婴幼儿食品,于是Bubs®应运而生。Bubs®的团队不仅打造出澳洲第一款有机婴幼儿袋装辅食系列,在澳洲连锁超市销售。此后,我们成功地在澳大利亚股票交易所上市。现在我们是澳大利亚最大的羊奶制品生产商,提供全澳 65% 以上的羊奶制品。现在Bubs®的高端婴幼儿营养品系列非常丰富,包括澳大利亚羊奶配方粉,澳洲首创有机草饲配方粉,有机婴幼儿果泥、米粉、磨牙棒,还有我们最近新推出的有机婴幼儿零食系列,全面满足宝宝0-1000天的营养所需。Bubs® 的产品不仅在几千家澳大利亚的商超中销售,更是销往国际包括中国、东南亚和中东等国家和地区